A different kind of New Years message for you

Hello sweet soul,

Happy New Year! I am so happy to be back in connection with you today.

I know 2022 has already started off with more facing of the unknown, with an ongoing pandemic. We’re being asked continually to make friends and become intimate with the unknown, which I imagine can bring lots up to the surface (it does for me!).

And so as you step into this new year, with all the new life and potential, I invite you to hold on to you. To create space each day just for you and your own beingness. To make your inner voice a priority amidst the noise and the ramped up fear in the collective. To trust your essential timing and rhythm, knowing that if you’re still feeling quiet and more internal, that is okay, too.

While the noise is loud for New Year’s resolutions at this time of year (not knocking, if that’s your thing), a reminder that the Earth is in sync with a different rhythm. We’re still in the Winter in the Northern Hemisphere – actually just crossed over a few weeks ago.

The ground is in Dreamtime, rest time, and deepening her roots.

While I’m all for intention setting and visioning, I also want to encourage that if that’s not how you’re feeling right now, that’s aok. It’s okay to rest, to regenerate, to take time to still move slowly (at any time, for that matter). This time of winter is when the earth is deepening her roots, such a great metaphor for us right now.

And so with where we find ourselves as we begin this year, I want to share a few practices for you as you begin this year and continue to deepen into your own center and navigate life’s uncharted territories:

💜 Start with the feeling.
How do you want to feel and how can you start creating that now?
Take the time to dream in its most restful state. If you’re not feeling a lot of clarity yet on what you want to create, start by sensing into and allowing yourself to connect into how you want to feel. Start with the feeling, and then let yourself free flow write how you want to feel in your body, being, life experience this year. (i.e. I want to feel joy, freedom, adventure, etc.)

💜 Cultivate rituals that bring you closer to you, and what you truly want.
I am not a huge fan of the idea of resolutions for often they are steeped in a context of “what’s lacking or wrong”. I am a fan of intentionality though, and creating intentional rituals/practices that bring you into union with you. So allow yourself to dream up a few rituals that you can do weekly in support of cultivating a relationship of care with your Self. Let these practices be a way to deepen a knowing of yourself, not bring your further from you.

💜 And then, if it’s feeling in the flow, you can feel into the year ahead and ask yourself…
“If I were to let go of any outer validation and societal timeline, what am I called to intentionally cultivate and create in my life that would provide meaning and deep fulfillment?” This is an opportunity to really connect into what a life of meaning and deep soul satisfaction is for you, not what society tells you is correct. It’s an opportunity for you to create sustainable shifts and vision up your life, rather than a quick fix.

I hope this year that you bask in the amazingness that is you. That you remember how incredibly resourceful and powerful you are. That when loss, challenges, and pain arise that you give yourself space to feel, to grieve, and not let these things shut you down and bring you away from your hope or joy. That you give yourself permission to create a life of fulfillment, where you are prioritizing your own care, and Self. And that you remember you’re worthy now, not when x, y, and z happens and it’s from there so much can unfurl and be created.

I look forward to creating and deepening connection with you this year, and being a guide in supporting you on your journey home to you and living from your full expression.

With love,

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