I believe that a well-nourished woman who radically loves herself has the ability to move mountains.

And I believe that woman is YOU! 

I have a feeling that in the deepest part of your soul you know MORE than you give yourself credit for.

You know there is more to life than running yourself ragged with the endless tasks and to-do lists, defining your value and beauty only by what you look like or fighting your body to try and fit the mold of the supposed ideal woman.

Even if you don’t believe it yet, I know you are here now because deep down inside you can feel that it is time to CELEBRATE and NOURISH all parts of yourself; even the parts you may feel are messy, undesirable or unlovable.

I feel SO happy you are here. I invite you to come on a journey with me of uncovering and rediscovering a life that is already your birthright where you feel in the flow, nourished, open, in-tune and present with your own authentically unique expression.

The good news is you do not have to feel like you have all the answers. All the answers you have been seeking are already inside of you; you just have to take the first step towards remembering what has been there all along.

I’m ready to meet you exactly where you are right now. Together we will discover what it is that your soul truly wants and needs. I appreciate you for taking that first step by being here today.

Welcome home. Let’s play together!

The amount of support I received from Melanie and the other women was so big that I finally quit my job and pursued my business in doing what I'm passionate about.

Genna Romero

Melanie provides nutrient-dense yoga that leaves me refreshed and ready to enjoy an even more dimensional and embodied life. Her presence consistently invites discovery and keeps the flow right on a delicious learning edge.

Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., BC-DMT Co-author of Conscious Loving and At The Speed of Life

I have a compassion and love for myself that I have never known before. Melanie has guided me to a better understanding of and connection to myself.

Kristina Didero

I have learned to take the time to listen to what my body and being are telling me.

Tracey Strobel

It’s been an ongoing process of exploration, letting go, being scared and trying anyway, trust, commitment, and above all- support and sisterhood.

Ann Bumby

Her clarity, authenticity, and deep nurturing, make it so easy to unfold into being seen in a way that has created an embodied integration of my past learning, and my truest self.

Rebekah Lovejoy

I have found more freedom of expression, more authentic connection with myself and others and an ability to truly feel grounded in the choices I make.

Courtney D.

Melanie encourages reawakening and playful reconnecting as well as acknowledging all the little celebrations along the way.

Lorie Silva

Embracing self-care as an inclusive act of loving-kindness continues to bless me and everyone I meet.


Through working with Melanie I learned to give myself grace; that I don't have to do and be everything, that it's ok to lean on others and ask for support, and that I am beautiful just as I am.

Kimberly Couch

I now choose more actions that serve me in positive ways and open myself up to new possibilities. It is not always easy, but with Melanie’s support I am able ride the ebb and flow of growing in this journey and love myself along the way.

Darcy M.

Working with Melanie has taught me how to unwind old beliefs that were holding me back from being seen and letting myself shine in the world.

Ashleigh Henning

Melanie helped me to see that I could live from my truest self, my essence; and if I drift, I can always come back. She gave me so many tools that I use on a daily basis so that I live my life from a space of love and flow. She not only taught me these things, but modeled them to me so that I could understand how that looks in "real life.

Katelyn Boisen